Siem Reap Cambodia (1st day)


Three Ladies roaming around Cambodia.

It’s  always a dream for me since I was young to visit a sacred places like Churches, Temples and some Buddhist Temples.

That’s why as you can observe whenever it’s our first time in other places and countries we see to it that we can visit some catholic churches.

I been eyeing to visit Japan for a Temple visits (inspired by watching NHK Japan) this year that’s why I’m always looking forward to a seat sale in some airlines. But fortunately we cannot book it this year but still we are waiting for that time to come (fingers crossed).

But one of my dream came true and it is visiting a Temples and fortunately it is in Siem Reap Cambodia.

I booked a flight from Cebu Pacific in Siem Reap last February 25-28, 2016 with my 2 Girl Friends. This is the first time that we will travel just the 3 of Us. Because we usually travel with group of friends.


Hmmm… February 25, our flight going to Siem Reap. We arrived at around 2130. And touchdown I saw this cute airplane( i don’t know what airline).


We meet Mr. SEY who’s the owner of the “tuktuk” that will serve as our service whole thru out our stay in Siem Reap.

Check-in at the Parklane Hotel (good rating at tripadvisor) which my friend book it almost a month or two at

Address: Street Taphul, Tapoul Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel: +855 (0) 63 967 676 | +855 (0) 63 967 677 | +855 (0) 97 92 52 233

Here is the itinerary that my friend made (as you can see this is just our first day) :

Feb 26  (Saturday)

As stated Mr. SEY is our official “tuktuk” driver that will bring us to the Temples.

He pick us up exactly 0500am(for us to not experience a crowded or long line buying a 3days temple Pass).

  • Cambodia Tourist Center (3days temple Pass) = $40.00/pax
  1. Angkor Wat (Sunrise)

I have nothing to say about what we experience this day. As in WOW it is amazing to see a sunrise behind the Angkor Wat. Having an Orange Sunrays and amazing blue sky and a cloud flowing in the sky.

After seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat we headed out at a Restaurant near Angkor Wat. Our breakfast :


2.Angkor Thom (East Gate)



3. Bayon

View_10      4.Elephant Temple

5. Phnom Bakheng Temple

DSC06887     6. Ta Prohm

7. Ta Keo


8.Baphuon Temple (Reclining Buddha)

View_31    9. Angkor Wat (Sunset)

And after a long day, we went back to our hotel to take some rest before we headed out to Night Market/Pub Street (for a little shopping for our pasalubong) and for our dinner.

But fortunately, we ended up eating at KFC hahaha…


This is the first part of our very looong day in Siem Reap….

Take note just the first day and I can’t seem to put all the beautiful pictures that I took during this day…


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