A Place to be Yourself.

Another hands-up to NHK world Japan today.

Especially “The Professional”……..”A Place to be Yourself”

Tadasuke Kato, Care Center Manager.

Making me watch this episode makes me cry a lot tonight for a reason that I missed my parents. My Nanay(mother) and my Tatay(father).

By watching all the elderly that was taking care of Mr. Tadasuke Kato makes me cry because I missed my parents and makes me realize how thankful I am for them. For taking care of me and raising me for who I am. And I am thankful that I am with them till their last breath.

We are not a perfect family of 3 but I know that I love them and I know that they love me for the best of our ability.

No matter what happens we must always think how they sacrifice everything just for Us.

I just want to tell everyone that we must Love our Parents as long as they are with Us because you’ll never know when will they leave Us.

Thank you Mr. Tadasuke Kato “A Place to Feel at Home Changes People”

So true, nothing beats that if you are openly welcome to a place that is new to you.

#tadasukekato   #missingmyparents   #NHKWorldJapan   #TheProffesionals   #thankyou








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